Continuing Education
  • BD+C Credentialing Maintenance Made Simple
  • 111.5 hour collection
    (Includes 111.5 HSW, 111.5 SD credits)

    Listed in this collection are all of our LEED General and LEED Specific courses that offer information on topics found in the BD+C rating system. The majority of these courses are LEED General courses. LEED Specific courses are fee based courses and can be found by clicking the LEED tab.

    LEED AP BD+C are required to take a total of 30 CE (continuing education) h...

  • ND Credentialing Maintenance Made Simple
  • 37.0 hour collection
    (Includes 37.0 HSW, 37.0 SD credits)

    LEED AP ND are required to take a total of 30 CE (continuing education) hours biennially; 6 LEED-specific hours and 24 LEED General hours. Among the ways to earn CE hours is Education, either GBCI Approved Education or Unapproved Education. GBCI now allows LEED APs with Specialty to take an unlimited amount of either to meet credentialing requirements, while encouraging pa...

  • Green Home Collection
  • 16.5 hour collection
    (Includes 16.5 HSW, 14.5 SD credits)

    This collection contains some of the many courses we host that cover topics related to green home design. These 18 courses cover topics from energy efficient windows and glazing to options for efficient water heating and many other products and processes. Taking these 18 courses will provide you with a complete year of AIA Continuing Education and many are also GBCI appro...