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American Hydrotech, Inc.

American Hydrotech, Inc.®, is a recognized leader in the development, production and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products.


Bison Innovative Products

Bison Deck Supports support heavy pavers on any structural deck. Designed to support paving stones, wooden decks, wood sleepers and flooring panels, Bison pedestals are used in plazas, terraces, balconies, roof decks, and for below grade waterproofing applications. They are also ideal for patios, industrial floors, basement floors, computers rooms, manufacturing facilities and walk decks.



Since 1974, Duradek has been installed (through professional applicators only) on over 100 Million Square Feet of roofs, decks and balconies all over North America. Duradek produces the "Durarail" aluminum component railing system for new construction or remodeling, residential or commercial.


Durock Alfacing International Limited

For more than 30 years, this Canadian family owned business has been a leading manufacturer of top quality products in the field of Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and Specialty Coatings for floors and walls. The company's broad range of products and wall systems are subjected to extensive research and rigorous testing to ensure that they meet Canadian Building Code requirements.


Fenzi North America

Fenzi North America has designed and built a 'State of the Art' manufacturing facility, offering a true 'Polysulphide' to the North American Insulated Glass market.


Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Moisture forgiveness is a building science concept generated by the demand for increased energy efficiency in the built environment. As buildings become increasingly tighter, they also can become more susceptible to moisture damage which can compromise the performance and durability of the building. Building owners, architects, and contractors must employ an integrated project delivery strategy to manage moisture effectively. Georgia-Pacific fiberglass mat gypsum products provide the moisture forgiveness that protects the performance of the structure and the inhabitants within.


Global Environmental Manufacturing (G.E.M.) Inc.

Global Environmental Manufacturing (G.E.M.) Inc., the manufacturer of Euroshield® Recycled Rubber Roofing Products, was founded in 1999 by Mr. Henry Kamphuis in response to the overwhelming problem of what to do with the deluge of old tires clogging up landfills and dumpsites. Years of research has resulted in the creation of the extremely durable, and great looking environmentally friendly green roofing systems.


Maxxon® Corporation

Maxxon®, The Floor Specialists, is recognized as the pioneer and leader in floor technologies. From a full spectrum of floor underlayments to the ultimate sound deadening systems, Maxxon offers proven solutions for a world of floor challenges.


Mortar Net Solutions

Drainage and ventilation systems for masonry construction.


Noble Company

Noble Company produces sheet membranes for waterproofing, crack isolation and sound insulation.


Professional Products of Kansas

Our focus is the development, manufacturing, and distribution of quality products designed to retard building material degradation from the elements or vandals. PROFESSIONAL® Water Sealant has been manufactured since 1987. It is a silicone rubber waterproofing sealer that has been successfully applied to buildings, bridges, highway sound walls, decks, fences, and many other types of above grade surfaces in cities and towns in North America and abroad to protect against water intrusion and/or graffiti.


Rust-Oleum Corporation

Rust-Oleum is a global leader in rust-preventive coatings, and has been one of America’s most trusted brands for over 90 years. Our extensive product line includes heavy duty industrial and architectural paints, primers, epoxies, urethanes and multi color finishes.


Schluter Systems

Schluter-Systems products are specifically designed for the tile industry to ensure that installations maintain integrity and durability. Our product line includes tile trims, uncoupling membranes, radiant and electric floor heating systems, waterproof building panels, and shower systems.


Sika Sarnafil

Sika Sarnafil is part of Sika AG of Switzerland, a globally active specialty chemical company and a leading provider of materials for sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures in building construction and industry. Sika Sarnafil has more than 45 years of experience in providing thermoplastic, single ply membranes for a wide range of roofing and plaza deck waterproofing applications.


Sinak Corporation

Manufacturer of products for waterproofing, preservation and protection of concrete and masonry.



SMARTBOARD is a high quality cementitious board designed for use in the construction of high performance exterior and interior wall systems, water/vapour management system (Rain-screen), S.I.P.S, E.I.F.S., solid and monolithic substrates for air and vapour barriers, sheathing and support for roofing and finishing systems, an underlayment for ceramic tile in wet or dry areas, and a wide variety of construction applications involving floors, hearth protectors, countertops, kennels, stables, and any area where extra protection or reinforcement is needed. Smartboard is Ideal for all climatic conditions providing exceptional protection from high humidity and freeze / thaw conditions. Outstanding protection is achieved when exposed to water.


Sto Corp.

Sto Corp., headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, is an innovative world leader and producer of a broad range of versatile cladding and coating systems for building construction, maintenance and restoration. Sto Corp. has achieved ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) as well as ISO 9001:2008 certification at all of our North American locations, which are located strategically across North America to serve our more than 200 distributorships in the U.S. and Canada.


Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc.

Whether your design requires a decorative textured coating, direct applications to substrate sheathing, EIFS, Stucco, ICF finish systems, Drainable Rainscreen assemblies or applications to enhance standard metal building construction, no company offers a broader selection of wall cladding and configuration options.


Tile Redi

Tile Redi® is the inventor of Tile Ready® brand shower products and offers the industry’s largest selection of easy-to-install water proof and leak proof, one-piece, Ready-to-Tile™ products including: shower pans in a variety of models and sizes, shower shelves, shower seats, and shaving steps.


Tile Tech Pavers

Tile Tech Pavers is a leading manufacturer of architectural concrete pavers & tiles, pedestal systems, matching stair treads, riser, pool copings and ADA accessories such as Detectable Warning Pavers & ADA Truncated Domes pavers & tiles.



American Hydrotech, Inc.

Bison Innovative Products


Durock Alfacing International Limited

Fenzi North America

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

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